1 hairstyle, 3 dates…


One hairstyle, 3 dates…

So ladies, this weekend, I have three engagements on the same day. A lunch with my girlfriends, a stylish event and a romantic date with my husband.

Has that ever happened to you? One of those days when the whole world decides to invite you on the same day. You’d think there is only one Saturday a month! And of course, as I’m the type to forget what I say, I RSVP yes to everybody and an hour before on the D day, I realize, I have a crazy day!!! A day when I had planned to wash my hair, clean my house and doing laundry, to have to simultaneously attend a party in a cafe at the other end of Paris. Unfortunately, research on cloning have still not come to an end, so I have to improvise… as best as I can. And my best ally in this type of situation is the turban: the essential accessory of the lazy, disorganized, dirty hair. I vow unconditional love to the turban. It gives a stylish, chic and quirky look while hiding “the misery” and also protects my hair from dust and pollution (why, you may say, since my hair is already dirty? Ok I get it…)



So here’s how I proceed:
Step 1: I attach my hair under a scarf while leaving out a good portion of my hair in front as it creates volume and it looks better, especially if you have short hair.
Step 2: I wet my left out hair and pin it back as it helps with getting a fresh look.
Step 3: I attach a second scarf from the back to the front by making a small bow as it gives a slightly vintage look to the style while dismissing the “cleaning lady” style at the same time.
I’m wearing a scarf bought on sale at Topshop, Mac makeup, including red Rebel lips.
For the rest, I don’t skimp on the makeup. Please note this doesn’t mean you have to look like a Christmas tree, but a pretty RAL Rouge MAT or the lipstick I’m wearing, with a colored scarf is hit for the summer. And in winter, don’t hesitate to wear it with black sunglasses and an oversized coat with a big belt.

How about you? What’s your go to hairstyle for a protective stylish look that hides “the misery”?