My Hair Routine

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My Hair Routine

Ok first of all, at the time I’m writing this, I’m enjoying the spring weather in Germany, a country that I love.

Second, you probably noticed on my Instagram account that I decided to change my hair style, or rather haircut now that spring is here. I feel like it’s been a decade since I changed hairstyle so I got a weave. Oh oh!!! I know some of you will probably cringe.

For some reason, it seems that wearing fake hair has become blasphemous in recent years. When I asked my sister to do my hair, she kept saying how stupid it was for me to wear a weave… “But why are you doing this? It’s not like you don’t have hair…” Well, wearing a weave does not necessarily mean you are “bald”. It’s a great way to change style while protecting my hair. It’s quick to style, I can use my flat iron to smooth my hair infinitely without turning my bathroom into a giant cookout. And last I heard, there is no hair convention… Is there?

Thirdly, I want to thank all those who follow me on this blog and on Instagram, the many emails and comments. Thank you for your interest in this part of my life, it is very encouraging and makes me want to do more.

Today, I have chosen to speak about hair routine. I know many bloggers who’ve already covered the subject front and back. But as I said, your emails and comments make me want to share with you and since launching this blog two years ago, I’ve received dozens of emails asking me how I care for my hair?
What we need to know above all is that what works for me will not necessarily work for you so I decided to not tell you what works for me, but rather how I solved hair problems I’ve encountered.

I want my hair grow!!! I know some will say that the priority is not to have long hair but healthy hair… but as far as I’m concerned, I want my hair to grow. I did not go natural for my hair to be shorter than they were before. So to grow my hair, I soak it in oil. It’s very simple: I prepare a oil mixture with flowers or plants and warm it up in the microwave for two minutes. I then pour the oil in a bottle. With a comb, I draw a line starting on my forehead, to my neck and I apply the infused oil on my scalp. On average, I make thirty lines to apply the oil all over my scalp. Then I massage my scalp. I discovered a little ritual/cure that may shock you, but I assure you that it works. I stand against a wall, I touch my feet for ten seconds, and then I go back torso for ten seconds. I repeat the exercise ten times. I start the treatment daily for 7 days and I stop. I repeat this every four to six months. I select specific oils depending on the season: sesame oil is perfect when my hair lacks moisture, it strengthens it and prevents breackage so perfect for dry, rough hair that lack suppleness. Alma Oil is perfect for damaged hair. Top notch in terms of hair oil for me is pure Maskèti Oil which I get from friends returning from trips to Haiti. Castor oil is similar to this oil I believe. The smell is awful, but hasn’t it been said that the more things smell the better. At least, this is what’s said about cheese, but it also works for hair. To stimulate hair growth, I add garlic, lavender or rosemary.

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Then, there are my ends. You may ask what does that have to do with hair growth. When I have split ends, my hair starts breaking and so it stays the same length. Quick math: Naturally, my hair grows by 4 inches on average per year. With a cure two to three times a year, my hair get longer by another 2 to 3 inches, so I can allow myself to cut it from time to time without interfering with my hair’s natural growth.

Heat is also a good hair growth stimulant so from time to time, I dry my hair with a hair dryer instead of letting them air dry.

And then there is shrinkage. As my hair grows, they shrink so much that I can barely see the growth. So when I want to stretch my hair after shampooing, I spend a fair amount of styling cream on the length, make a bun, dry my hair with the bun. When they are dry, I twist my hair. When I’m done, I tie each twist with a ribbon along the entire length to prevent them from retracting and I let them set overnight. The next day, I get beautiful long curls.

“Knots must be a real pain, right?” It’s a question I often get: “How do you detangle your hair?” Step 1: I divide my hair in four parts. I use a GOOD amount of conditioner/mask on each section and I detangle my hair with my fingers. Once done with a section, I twist/braid it which results in 4 large braids. I let it set for 30 minutes, then I detangle each section with a wide toothed comb. I never detangle my hair unless under water and so I don’t wrestle with knots.

It’s not that my hair is soft, it’s just that it is moisturized. I believe I spoke about this on Facebook and Instagram recently, but that’s a topic that comes up often and actually perfectly illustrates what I just talked about in the previous paragraph. Another reason why I don’t have knots is because my hair is extremely moisturized. My first tip is water. I wet my hair every two to three days and I wash them every 8-10 days. Huh! Some will say… Not really. Since I wet my hair often, residues, dust and other dirt gets off my hair in the shower. Also, the advantage of having kinky hair is that kinky hair is generally not oily… 😉

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Seriously, water is a great moisturizer. I personally recommend it. Then, there is hair conditioner… I use so much of it that I smell more like the conditioner than soap when I get off the shower. Even when I don’t wash my hair, I use some conditioner from time to time on my ends. In terms of brand, it depends on what you want: smooth, moisturizing, shine… For me, it’s moisture and growth. I use a conditioner with extra-strong mint, which stimulates blood circulation and helps my hair grow while moisturizing. But what’s most important to me is not necessarily the product that I use but how I use it. Here is a tip: do not read the instructions on the bottle. They are nonsense. While in recent years, some mainstream beauty brands such as L’Oreal, Franck Provost, Swartzkof or Garnier launched product lines for kinky hair, it’s obvious that the people who design them are not using them. This can be annoying…

Quick question while on the subject. When a brand has the “brilliant” idea of putting “apply a pea size amount of conditioner X all over your hair”; don’t they realize we can tell they used the same label they use on Caucasian hair products to the kinky hair product? Could they have taken into consideration that these products are not intended for the same woman. My hair has 10 times more volume than most white woman but I can “logically” use the same amount of product and expect the same results. Really? Wouldn’t it make sense to make larger bottles to accommodate kinky hair?
Anyway, don’t listen to what they say. Well moisturized hair require lots of conditionner. Feel free to use as much as needed, this will allow to redefine your curls. Hair has a memory, so the more you moisturize, the more your curls will be defined. Oh this just came to mind, you can order TRESemmé products on Amazon. The Essential / Natural line is great for those who love products without silicone. I used it some time ago and then I stopped, not sure why. I placed a new order yesterday and I’ll show you the result on Instagram when I no longer wear my weave.

Natural hair is much more maintenance than relaxed hair? No. Personally, I used to spend hours washing my hair, blow dry them. No more blow dry and flat iron session!!! Not to mention moisture problems. In a nutshell, I used to avoid warm weather countries and I always had an umbrella in my bag.

However, natural hair does require maintenance too. May be shorter than relaxed hair but I dare say it requires a certain lifestyle. For several years now, I became a green tea drinker. It’s great to fortify my hair. I added avocado and dried fruit to my diet which has also helped in maintaining my hair. I use aloe vera gel mixed with Niwel’s oil and serum which are really good in setting my twist every week.

There you go… I obviously didn’t cover everything but if you have questions, leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to respond.

Have a great week!




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      Mercis Sandy, au plaisir.

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