Marinho Story


Marinho Story

Alright, you all know her… You probably met her on the subway on Monday morning…
She’s often on top of her game. Her hair screams L’oreal’s “because I’m worth it” (Kinda normal, it’s Monday. On other days of the week the natural hair oil begins to do its work).
There’a also her makeup, yes, let’s talk about her makeup: it’s perfect! So much so that her nose lost 8oz thanks to a Kim K. contouring.
She also has impeccable teeth, they smell good. She often wears sunglasses (what… sunglasses… on the subway where there’s no sun?! Hush, nobody ever told her…) And last but not least, she happens to wear crazy shoes from time to time.
In short, if you were to give her a score, you’d give her 100%. But it would surely be before she gets off the subway, takes the escalator and see her hand on the banister. At the sight of her chipped nail polish, her score would automatically drop to a 60% or even to 50% in case of advanced stage chipping. No need to throw stones at her ladies, because that woman is me and you. Other days, usually on weekends, that’s us (but without all the paraphernalia). 28
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What I ended up telling myself is that it wasn’t my fault. It’s true after all. The only culprit in this case is time. Having a perfect manicure that lasts say 5 days is to devote your Sunday afternoon filing your nails, applying a base coat, a first coat of polish, then a second, cleaning nail contours and then applying a top coat, and finally let your nails dry for at least 30 minutes.
So I don’t know about you, but I’m through with manicures that end up taking me all afternoon. Back in the day, I thought I had found a way out with fake nails, but as I explained here, it’s not really my thing anymore. I then opted for long lasting polishes, but they tend to damage my nails and still took forever for me to do my nails. And then, a few weeks ago, Miriam, I’ve already talked about her here, suggested Véronique Marinho. We met in the magnificent mansion La Maison des Champs Élysée. She shared her concept with us. I found the idea so awesome that I told myself I’d share it with you ASAP. For you to really appreciate this, you’d have to know Véronique’s Journey. Over the years she evolved in the luxury, fashion and jewelry industry. While working with other women who also work in the same environment, she picked up on their predicament: These women running from one appointment to another had to have flawless manicures but couldn’t sit in a nail salon every week knowing that some of them were constantly booked!

So she wondered if there was a way for women to do their own manicures with a fast drying process which would not damage their nails, get the professional results you get in nail salons with a long lasting wear (two to three weeks)… And that’s when it clicked. She created Marinho Paris two years ago. The only brand that offers this concept in France: a kit with a tiny led lamp as small as a computer mouse. I’m totally on board and Véronique is quite convincing:
Véronique: “Yes ladies, a solvent-free non damaging gel nail polish”
Me: “Really!?!?!?”
Véronique: “So there is no odor which makes it makes it convenient to do your nails on the train, the plane, technically everywhere. Without bothering anyone, your nails will dry in 30 seconds and be done for the next 3 weeks. We’ve even developed a odorless nail polish remover.”
Me: “What?!?! This is awesome!!! I can’t believe no one ever thought of this before?”

In addition, there is something for everyone: the loveuses, the hypes, the raging (ah ah ah, I love … This one is surely for those nails that never grow and, when start to grow half a millimeter break) and then he boyish, bobo … You will be able to see you there.