Just Gaby

My recruiters would define my journey as atypical…

For a season in my life, I pursued the world of fashion and beauty. Slowly but surely, I started to drift away from this passion of mine to the point where there was almost no way back. When you go too far it’s difficult to return to the starting point. So, it took me several years to refocus on my priorities. I call this season “still searching”. It did allow me to learn. Learn again and again… Sometimes I feel like I’ve spent my life learning and developing a thousand ideas a minute. That’s how I landed in the world of communication. I could touch everything. There were mornings when I was a graphic designer, event planner in the afternoon, some months I’d take on the role of a magazine editor while juggling the tasks of a project manager. In fact, the field of communication is not so far removed from fashion, not to say they’re almost the same: be creative, be smart and move up! But in this “still searching” season of my life, I learned a sobering lesson: I’m not made for the corporate world. At school, they don’t tell you right away but in a company, they will make it clear that you cannot do what you really want to do even if your idea is good. You do what you’re told to do even when what you’re told to do is at best irrelevant… In the end, what sucks the most is that you eventually get used to it.

So I created Feminine Bliss: a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. I’m so passionate about this blog that I find myself spending countless hours working on it, way more than I used to work in the office. This is a testament in my life of what it means to step into my “feminine” bliss. Forsaking the safety of a corporate job for a desk in my apartment where I work by myself but for myself. In “Brand New Day”, I share how humbled and grateful I am to have that opportunity. Today I’m a consultant and a blogger.

Thank you for taking the time to stop here and read my blog.

As you peruse the site, you will find my inspirations of the moment, the endless posts about my hair problems, videos on fashion, cosmetics, my travels, my projects and my wonderful encounters… All this to help you get closer to what matters most: being fulfilled.

Bliss you!