I love Stella Jean

I love Stella Jean

I don’t really know how I discovered the talented Stella Jean, maybe it was The Coveteur, or maybe on Instagram, but that’s not important right now, it happened and I can’t stop myself from sharing the admiration I have for this artist with you.

First, because she is crazy talented. Her creations are a blend of colors that are a combination of traditional and contemporary. On one hand, from Haitian influences, and on the other, from African inspirations, all of it conceived in an Italian genius.

And then there is also the manner that she runs her small business, based on a certain set of values: those of respect and ethic work, of recognizing hand-woven materials. Stella’s creations are the results of a chain of links that share culturally and artistically, a journey that leaves from Turin, which symbolizes her paternal origins and which escapes to Port-au-Prince, where her maternal roots are, and passing through Sao Paolo or even Nairobi.

Stella Jean’s style reflects modernity, audacity, without dropped from the grotesque and it’s the best representation that she could make from her mixed heritage.

The results seem, initially, difficult to wear, at least that’s what I thought to myself, but worn by her, the partnership is perfect. Beyond her creations, I find that this stylist has a natural presence, a strong femininity while she wears very masculine dress shoes, like in this photo. You can understand why Stella makes it into the top 10 stylists that inspire me.

And for you, what is your source of style inspiration?


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  1. Très sympa !