Dedicated to Paris

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Dedicated to Paris

One of the advantages of being able to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world is being able to wander about wherever you please.

I love Paris!

I love it for its little streets which always make you feel as though you are discovering them for the first time even though you have already visited them before.

I love Paris for its die-hard whiners, its cliché café terraces, for its sounds, its colors, its seasons and its songs.

I love Paris for its smells, its flavors and its artists.

I love Paris because it is there that I have spent the most part of my life and would feel constrained to return even if I went to the other side of the world.

I have spent a considerable amount of time strolling along its streets, but it was only when my husband and I met each other that I learnt to appreciate its qualities. We would go for a walk each evening to get home and it is unbelievable what you can tell each other when you have both only just met. We could spend hours and hours in discussion and without noticing the time go by, we would have crossed Paris in a few hours. That was how I discovered the true Paris, that was how I succeeded in understanding why Paris had become the most beautiful city in the eyes of the world. There are still some evenings when J. and I remember the time we first flirted with each other and we return home on bike and on foot, crossing Sainte-Catherine’s square.


So this weekend, I decided to do it again and visit this beautiful city and what are you doing this weekend?


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